Hey guys, I'm Dyl and I run most of the show here at Calla Lily. I'm the guy in all of the emails, and the bloke that will be with you on your day. 

My journey with photography has changed throughout the years. I've been shooting professionally for about 8 years now and watching it transform from just landscapes, sunrises and trendy Instagram bangers to what it is today has been a gradual journey. But one I wouldn't trade for the world.

Today, the goal with my work is to document your legacy. Every time that you look through your wedding gallery, I want to take you back to that day; I want you to relive that hug from mum, that belly laugh, that tear, that time in your life. Truth is, life goes by quickly, I appreciate that these days are momentous occasions. I want you to have enough memories, that you can bust open the gallery in 30 years time and show the grandkids. 

Outside of work, I'll be found spending my time with my family, having a laugh with my mates or on the jiu jitsu mats. I love my coffee, the Manly Sea Eagles and the occasional Stone + Wood. But most of all, I love this big beautiful life and I cannot wait to help tell yours. 




But then I got to shooting my first big day. And man was it awesome. The connection you make with people, the stories you can tell, the creative freedom that you get, it's unrivalled to any other job I've had. After that first one, it was go-go-go. Dyl put me on more and more jobs and before I knew it, I was lead shooting days on my own, cracking jokes and meeting new people every weekend. 

Outside of being a photographer, I am a son, a partner, a brother and a Manchester United hopeless. When I'm not in the office or out covering days of my own, you can probably find me on the soccer pitch, spending time with family or covering an event in Newcastle or Sydney. 

Hello, I'm Brenton, the associate photographer here for the Calla boys. 

Dyl first got me involved in weddings last year as that awesome COVID thing was taking the fun out of everything. Truth be told, I wasn't really fussed on capturing weddings. As an event photographer, it hadn't really passed through my mind. Most of my weekends were filled up with capturing footage of nightclubs in Newcastle already, adding more weekend commitments just wasn't in the plan back then. 


A beautiful handmade album

• Choose between a linen, leather cover

• Select the colour and embossing of your choice

• 20 spreads included
  - Additional spreads available at +$80 each
  - Select a maximum of 45 spreads in total

10 x 10” Fine Art Album

A smaller replica of your album

• 12 spreads included

  - Additional spreads available at +$50 each
  - Select a maximum of 45 spreads in total
  - Spreads must match your full-sized album

14 x 11” Parent Album

Handmade and crafted with the highest quality materials and fully customisable to fit your home. We work with Australia's oldest print lab - Atkins Lab, to display your favourite images from your gallery. 

Trust us when we say that there is nothing quite like holding a photograph. It's truly how you best appreciate an image. Simply select your must-have wedding images and we get the ball rolling. 

You’ll get up to 3 revisions to note any changes you’d like with my design, and we won’t send it off to print until you’re 100% happy with the layout. You’ll be flicking through this album for years down the track, reliving your special day all over again, so let’s make sure its perfect!



A treasured keepsake for generations to come