August 3, 2022

Dylan Heckenberg

Tom + Sam

February 2010

It was the annual high school swimming carnival and it wasn’t just the overpowering smell of chlorine in the air – it was love baby. Sam and Tom were in the same sports house but little did they know one day they would be sharing a house too. The two 13 year old kids got to chatting, vibing and sharing a few laughs. Sam wasn’t aware but this was a big deal for Tom who previously had interacted with about 3 people of the opposite gender (Go Tom). Few months of getting to know each other via MSN and Facebook chat and Tom mustered the courage to ask Sam to the cinematic event of the year – Toy Story 3. And you know what they say, taking a girl to see Toy Story is at least a 10 year commitment – and here we are some 10+ years later!

A lot has happened in that time – we’ve graduated high school, both completed some uni degrees and neither of us have grown an awful lot (just more in love am I right?). We’ve travelled Europe, we’ve become dog parents, we’ve turned vegan (god mention it more why don’t ya) and look at us now having a wedding – go us. So thanks to all of you for being part of our growth and journey together and now be there as 11 years of ‘dating’ culminates with these two high school sweethearts tying the knot.

The lovely vendors that made the day happen!

Venue: Adam’s Peak Country Estate

Flowers: Wow Flowers

Hair + Makeup: Divine Hair and Beauty

Band: Jackson Broadway

Wedding Favours: Happy Place Teas

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