March 2, 2023

Dylan Heckenberg

Mel + Andrew

These two had a simple, easy, laid back day. Up at one of the best wedding venues in the Hunter Valley, Kookaburra Hideaway, these two tied the knot in the most ‘them’ way possible. These two created a day that was authentically them and it couldn’t have come out better. Have a little read about a couple that is just so sweet, they make your teeth hurt.

Where did you guys first meet?

Blind Date at Gloria Jeans 

When did you guys meet?

March 2012

Where did you guys first meet?

We were set up by a blind date by a mutual friend and 4 hours later we were still in the same spot. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

What were your first thoughts of one another?

Mel – He’s pretty funny // Andrew – She’s crazy and beautiful

How’d you pop the question?

Andrew set the backyard up with fairy lights on the fence and in the trees. He lit a little bonfire and had music playing. He then had our son blindfold me and bring me outside to where he was waiting on one knee.

What’s the plan for the future?

Raise our babies, have fun, take a honeymoon, take the kids on trips and finally, have more fun

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