February 27, 2023

Dylan Heckenberg

Jess + Michael

When did you guys meet? 

June 19th 2016

How did you meet? 

On a dating app (Mic’s first and only date using the app). We shared a jug of sangria and talked for hours!

What were your first thoughts of each other? 

Mic thought Jess wasn’t too interested. Jess liked Mic enough to make the first contact afterward which led to the second date.

Where was the first date? 

Coco Cubano. Conveniently located at the shopping centre which Mic lived in an apartment above

How’d you pop the question? 

Mic got down on one knee outside the block of land that we had just purchased together. Then, as it was during covid, we couldn’t go out to celebrate so we shared a romantic meal in the Maccas carpark! They accidentally gave us an extra cheeseburger, Jess accidentally got some mustard on the finger now addorned with the new ring which was not realised until after a photo of said ring finger was pubicly posted for our engagement announcement on Facebook!

The vendors that made the day awesome!

Venue – Adams Peak Country Estate

Hair + Makeup – Ivory State

Celebrant – Dana the Celebrant Man

Florists – Hunter Valley Bouquets

Music – Kylie Jane Music

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