February 23, 2023

Dylan Heckenberg

Taylor + Kane

When did you guys meet?

December 2019

How did you meet?

I went to Bass Point after being out with my girlfriends, I wasn’t going to go but I did. He was there with a few mates of ours. They came over to say gday, he put his hand out to shake mine he said “hi, I’m Steve” and I said “hi, I’m Taylor nice to meet you”, he then stole my car keys…he wouldn’t give them back (I didn’t know it was him who took them) he gave me keys which were his 🤦🏼‍♀️ It wasn’t till after about 30 minutes he finally gave them back. I went home told my girlfriends about him and explained how much of an asshole I thought he was. It wasn’t till New Years Eve a good mate of ours messaged and asked where I was, I told him and he said “Kane wants to come and see you’” I said, “whose Kane?” He goes “the red Afro dude” I said “oh you mean Steve?” He goes “he did it you, for god sakes”. So anyway long story short, he came, we went to the carnival and partied, had a New Years kiss and we made it official later on New Year’s Day.

What were your thoughts of each other?

Taylor – I thought he was hot but an asshole.

Kane – cool and fun to shit stir

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