September 6, 2022

Dylan Heckenberg

Saffron + Isaiah

We met when we were about 15/16- at a party in Maitland in a horse stable (we both
weren’t meant to be there). When we got together though, Isaiah was in America living with his dad, step mum & siblings. (We’d been friends on & off since we’d met but this time we spoke it turned into something) so when we first got together, we were in different countries but after 6 months he came back here & I picked him up from the airport with one of his best mates. We were 18 & 19 then.

What were your first thoughts of each other?

Our honest thoughts of each other at that age were probably typical teenager thoughts 😂 Isaiah was a ‘popular’ kid so I was all ‘omg it’s Wolf’ & he was just cool to me because he did ‘rebel’ stuff 😂😂

Honest thoughts when we first started talking to be together- we both kind of just knew it was right. Neither of us have had second thoughts about anything & the past 6 years together we’ve just grown so much together it’s such a huge achievement.

Our first kiss was long awaited. 18 & 19, Isaiah had been in the States living with his
dad & we had been talking for 6/7 months while he was over there. I went with one of
his best mates to pick him up from Sydney & when I saw him ran up & we had a big
cuddle & kiss.

Our first date was when Isaiah had just got back to Aus- we went to KFC, my bestie in
toe & we smashed down a family burger box together.

Isaiah asked me to marry him not long after we fell pregnant with our first. It was
more of a ‘shit I guess were doing this’. But Isaiah took my ring to NZ with us on our
second trip there & I wanted to go on a waterfall walk- he asked me to marry him
there. It was beautiful.


The awesome vendors that made the day what it was!

Venue – Woolshed Hill Estate

Dress – Chancery

Suit – Tarocash

Make-up – Makeup by Kiara

Hair – Emma Jonderson

Celebrant – Shae Munroe

MC – Uncle Mickey!

Photo Booth – Creative Booths

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